Professionals Choice Laundry Organizer

Professionals Choice Laundry Organizer offers space for hanging as well as storage for laundry items.  This unit is 18"x24"x77"h (457x610x1956mm) and includes (4) posts, (3) light duty shelves, (1) 24" chrome hanger tube and (4) 3" diameter swivel/brake casters.  Available in Black, White epoxy or Chrome finishes.  Easy to assemble without the use of tools.

Additional Accessories are available and must be ordered separately. 

Maximum load capacity:  500 lbs. (227kg) per shelf.

Maximum weight capacity:  300 lbs. (136kg) per unit.

Please select from the following:

  • LO1824B, Black (not shown)
  • LO1824W, White (not shown)
  • LO1824C, Chrome

Laundry Organizer

Price: $171.51
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