Professionals Choice Hanger Rail

Professionals Choice Hanger Rail is designed to fit onto posts along the width or length of a shelving unit.  Optional Hooks and accessories can hang from the rail at any point.  Available to fit 18", 36" and 48" (457, 910, 1219mm) lengths in Chrome, Black or White epoxy finishes.  One order equals (1) Hanger Rail.

Please select from the following:

  • LA118B, 18"l, Black
  • LA118W, 18"l, White
  • LA118C, 18"l, Chrome


  • LA136B, 36"l, Black
  • LA136W, 36"l, White
  • LA136C, 36"l, Chrome

  • LA148B, 18"l, Black
  • LA148W, 18"l, White
  • LA148C, 18"l, Chrome

Hanger Rail

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