Olympic Add-On Units

Olympic Add-On Units save time and money by eliminating adjacent posts and replacing with "S" Hooks. These Add-On Units require a preconfigured "starter" Stationary Shelving Unit to achieve a continuous run of shelving.  "Starter" Units are defined as a free standing unit consisting of four posts and an indicated number of wire shelves.  Add-On Units consist of two 74" (1880mm) posts, an indicated number of shelves in equal width, but any length, and two "S" Hooks per shelf for attaching the shelf to an adjacent unit.  See diagram below.  One chromate finish Add-On Unit order equals (2) posts, (4) shelves with eight pair of split sleeves and (8) "S" Hooks.  NSF Listed.

Shelving units are easily assembled in minutes without the use of tools.

Customize with optional Shelf Ledges, Shelf Dividers and Label Holders.

For product specification sheet OLY-002E, click here.

Load Capacity: 

  • Up to 48" (1220mm) length = 800 lbs. (363kg), evenly distributed per shelf.
  • 54" to 72" (1829mm) length = 600 lbs. (272kg), evenly distributed per shelf.
  • Stationary shelving units have a maximum load capacity of 2,000 lbs. (907kg), evenly distributed.

Please select from the following sizes:

  • JAU1836-4C, 18" x 36" x 74"h (457x914x1880mm).
  • JAU1848-4C, 18" x 48" x 74"h (457x1219x1880mm).
  • JAU1860-4C, 18" x 60" x 74"h (457x1524x1880mm).
  • JAU2136-4C, 21" x 36" x 74"h (533x914x1880mm).
  • JAU2148-4C, 21" x 48" x 74"h (533x914x1880mm).
  • JAU2160-4C, 21" x 60" x 74"h (533x1524,1880mm).
  • JAU2436-4C, 24" x 36" x 74"h (610x914x1880mm).
  • JAU2448-4C, 24" x 48" x 74"h (610x1219x1880mm).
  • JAU2460-4C, 24" x 60" x 74"h (610x1524x1880mm).

Add-On Units - Chromate

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