Olympic Mobile Posts

Olympic Mobile Posts are grooved at 1" (25mm) increments, numbered at 2" (50mm) increments and are double-grooved every 8" (203mm) for easy split sleeve/shelf positioning. Mobile posts come without leveling bolt assembly and accommodate stem casters.  These 1" diameter posts are constructed of carbon-steel in a green epoxy finish and are available in the following heights, (inclusive of top black plastic top cap).  One order equals (1) post.  NSF Listed.  Measurements are for height of post only.

Olympic Green Epoxy coated shelves and posts carry a 7 year limited warranty against rust and corrosion, making them ideal for use in humid environments.

For product specification sheet OLY-001E.

Please select from the following:

  • J7UK,   7-1/2" high (191mm)
  • J13UK, 14-1/2" high (370mm)
  • J33UK, 34-1/2" high (875mm)
  • J54UK, 54-9/16" high (1385mm)
  • J63UK, 62-9/16" high (1590mm)
  • J74UK, 74-5/8" high (1895mm)
  • J86UK, 86-5/8" high (2200mm)

Mobile Posts - Green Epoxy

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