Olympic Double Direct Wall Mount Bracket

Olympic Double Direct Wall Mount Brackets allow the installation of wire shelves directly onto a wall surface and are used to create a continuous length of wall shelving.  This bracket should be used in conjunction with Single Direct Wall Mount Brackets (see J1WDK Series); typically one single bracket at each end of a run and a double bracket at each intersection of the shelves within a run.  Brackets are compatible with 14", 18" and 24" (356, 457, 610mm) deep shelves, green epoxy finish.    One order equals (1) shelf bracket.  NSF Listed.

Olympic Green Epoxy coated shelves, brackets and posts carry a 7 year limited warranty against rust and corrosion, making them ideal for use in humid environments.

Maximum Load Capacity:  200 lbs. (91kg) per system.

Note:  Single Direct Wall Mount Brackets include the mounting plate and the shelf bracket.  Hardware (i.e. screws, nails, masonry screws, etc.) to attach the plate to the wall is not included.  Shelves must be ordered separately.

Note:  Bracket photo image is of chromate finish which is similar.

Please select from the following:

  • J2WD14K, accommodates 14" (356mm) shelf depths.
  • J2WD18K, accommodates 18" (457mm) shelf depths.
  • J2WD24K, accommodates 24" (610mm) shelf depths.


Double Direct Wall Mount Bracket - Green Epoxy

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