Olympic Ledges

Olympic Shelf Ledges are for stationary or mobile applications to prevent items from protruding or falling from shelves.  These easy snap-in ledges are 4" (100mm) high and are compatible with Olympic wire shelving.  Available in a wide variety of sizes corresponding to shelf dimensions, chromate finish only.  One order equals (1) ledge.

For product specification sheet OLY-005E.

Please select from the following models:

  • JL14-4C, 14"l x 4"h (356x100mm).
  • JL18-4C, 18"l x 4"h (457x100mm).
  • JL24-4C, 24"l x 4"h (610x100mm).
  • JL30-4C, 30"l x 4"h (762x100mm).
  • JL36-4C, 36"l x 4"h (914x100mm).
  • JL42-4C, 42"l x 4"h (1067x100mm).
  • JL48-4C, 48"l x 4"h (1219x100mm).
  • JL54-4C, 54"l X 4"h (1372x100mm).
  • JL60-4C, 60"l x 4"h (1524x100mm).
  • JL72-4C, 72"l x 4"h (1829x100mm).

Shelf Ledges - Chromate

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