Olympic Stainless Steel Wall Shelving

Olympic Stainless Steel Wall Shelving is fabricated in 18 gauge Type 304 stainless steel and is highly resistant to corrosion.  These easy to install knock-down shelves are ideal for use above tables, counters and equipment.  Available in (5) sizes with nut and bolt assembly and instructions.  NSF Listed.

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Please select from the following:

  • JWS1224SS, 12"d x 24"l (305x610mm) with (2) supports.
  • JWS1236SS, 12"d x 36"l (305x914mm) with (2) supports.
  • JWS1248SS, 12"d x 48"l (305x1219mm) with (2) supports.
  • JWS1260SS, 12"d x 60"l (305x1524mm) with (3) supports.
  • JWS1272SS, 12"d x 72"l (305x1829mm) with (3) supports.

Stainless Steel Wall Shelving - 12" Deep

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